Besso Coffee Roasters – Okayama, Japan

Okayama is the city with variations of coffee styles – including so-called 3rd wave. I believe Japan is really the place where 3rd wave inspirations has begun, the waves just rolled to US and then back for higher altitude.

Besso Coffee Roasters is one of the local modern coffee roasters in Okayama, how I knew it’s modern? the shop interior and roasting style said so 🙂


If you have such pretty coffee place, it would be such a waste if your coffee was not so. Here at Besso, the shop design and its coffee resonate each other.


It also has sit-in branch elsewhere (check out it’s website ) for this branch, only take-away is legit.


It provides both light and dark roast version for each available origin. It also sell equipments and bottled coffee. I was personally interested in roasted beans for my own cafe that I did not buy its bottles, maybe next time.


It also had a few samples to taste on the main table. If it’s not good, you wouldn’t trust the other beans, but if it was, you may have a little hard time deciding which one you shall bring home.


Anyway, you can buy few cups of freshly-brewed coffee here too, and at least it wouldn’t drag you to any disappointment 😀

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