Japanese Photo Books – Part I


Great photos tell stories even without text.

I think Japanese has a lot of talents depicting thousand words into one picture, that’s why I always found simple photos taken by a lot of Japanese intriguing.

Here are my recent purchased photo books from my favorite bookstore (a.k.a. My Money-Burning Place) – Kinokuniya:

Misao to Fukumaru

I accidentally found Facebook page of this book and I just fell in love instantly. The niece of the grandmother is one of award-winning photographer, and this project is mainly on relationship between grandma-Misao and her long-time partner-Fukumaru. This beautifully depicted moments easily move the reader without a word.

Mirai Chan

Mirai means future. Kotori Kawashima, the photographer and the owner of the project, whose initial intention was to depict the beauty of the 4 seasons in Japan, happened to meet a little girl of his close friend, and therefore the famous exhibition began even oversea. The cuteness, liveliness, beauty, and nature of this little girl and surrounding brighten the hearts of so many people who see her photos.

Shiro Mofu

White fluffy living creatures that always make your heart melt are here. The world sometimes is cuteness overloaded, which kindly allow us to easily look on the bright side of life in bad days.

Nose Neko

Whoever to buy this book are obviously cat lovers. These series of photos are copied and share a lot in social media, which took me so curious about the origin of these photos, until I found them here. For me, I’ve not seen cats around me those are so tamed like these cats, including Misao’s Fukumaru. I can’t say this is the typical character of Japanese cats as I’ve not found enough quantity to judge. Anyway it is pleasure to look at Shiro and the other 4 family members getting together to the last page.


Here are some examples of each book’s inside which I think they are enough for getting what each talking about via its photos:




You can purchase all of these at Isetan-CTW branch. I’m sure you’ll smile after purchasing it and got the books in Kinokuniya’s brand bag.

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